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Message for Russell Brand

29th October 2013

Hi Russell,

Great to see you on Newsnight recently and I'm right with you. Our society, as a whole, doesn't work. Massive corporations rule our lives and what they say, goes. So we have increasingly obese kids, pay day loans with interest rates of 4000% which is deemed acceptable and denial of climate change.

(Link to Russell Brand on Newsnight):

Many politicians are a waste of time. The first example that pops to mind is MPs who are openly in the pockets of fossil fuel companies who are working in or comment on climate change. Surprise, surprise, they don't think climate change is a problem.

Part of the radical overhaul, which is where I think you're going, will mean an overhaul of politics.

Now, mate, you said you don't vote, and I can see why, but I think voting is part of the solution.

Here's how and why - take a radical party with views you support and support them. The Green Party are probably closest to where you want to go.

Now, even if they don't get in, if they get a big swing their way, say they get double their usual vote, it helps to push things as a whole, in that direction, because other political parties get worried and start saying "Ahh! The Greens have had a massive swing their way, what are they doing right that we're not..."

Now, this can lead to 'greenwash.' The best example of this is the Tories with their 'greenest Government ever.' It was obviously going to be a load of old bollocks, and sure enough, that's how it's turned out. Most greenies didn't believe the hype and the were right not to.

So there are no easy answers, BUT I think you need to take the political system into account, think how YOU want it to be and shape it in that direction.

Check out the Green Party. Push for those guys and you'll push politics in that direction.

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