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About the author: Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice, popular psychology author and environmental activistJeff Rice was born in Nottingham, England, Earth. He has always had philosophical leanings, which until the advent of 'The Next Level', expressed themselves frequently in animated conversations in the pub.

Since studying Ecology at Manchester University in the early nineties, Jeff has been a full time professional environmental activist and campaigner and has been arrested, beaten up and photographed in numerous compromising positions (compromising for the target of the eco-action that is) around the world.

The man takes himself very seriously and likes to dress up on environmental actions. Jeff has been sighted disguised as: a puffin; a cow; a chicken; as, err... a raw Jeff (naked); and his personal favourite to date, another great philosopher of our time, Homer Simpson (on an anti-nuclear action).

Jeff likes to think that he has a lust for life, good beer, good relationships and a great deal of planet saving activities.

Jeff does a lot of work to promote wind power to help overcome irrational anti-wind NIMBYism.

He's a truly evolving caveman, one might say.


The Next Level
Evolving beyond evolutionary psychology, or
How not to be a caveman in the 21st century
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evolving beyond evolutionary psychology