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The Next Level

Evolving Beyond Evolutionary Psychology

How not to be a caveman in the 21st century

The Next Level is a must read by Jeff Rice,
creative thinker, popular psychology author, ecologist and front-line eco-activist.

Jeff Rice, creative thinker, popular psychology authorI'm an optimist. You've got to be! We’re heading for ecological collapse and to survive the 21st century the human race must evolve to The Next Level, and fast.It can be done!We can truly revolutionise humanity, achieve ecological stability and set up our planet to last us for all time.Read the book, spread the word and take action with The Next Level >

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The Next Level
We can evolve to The Next Level!

I am passionately optimistic. With our planet heading for runaway climate change and possible ecological collapse, you can't really afford to be anything else! If we give in we've lost. We have to keep looking for solutions; we have to hang on...

Surely something will show up to sort out this mess?

My hope is that this book is indeed that very thing, or at least, that its concepts will help to guide us.

To deal with all the problems humanity will face in the 21st century and beyond, the human race simply needs to evolve. We cannot continue as we are and survive.

But evolution is just too slow isn't it?

Maybe not. The Next Level deals with human evolution and how something as outstanding, yet potentially disastrous, as humanity came about. It briefly considers the history of the Universe and then follows our progress from the dawn of humanity up to the present day. It deals with the evolution of technology and the evolution of our psychology and speculates as to where all this is taking us...

Where it's taking us has a certain inevitability, as a process, but is by no means guaranteed. It's taking us to...

The Next Level

The Next Level is a short book, weighing in at just 52 pages.

I believe in this work. If it inspires you, and I think it will, share it with your friends and community. If, by sharing this work, we have hit upon something that will truly revolutionise humanity and help us to achieve ecological stability, if we can rapidly evolve to The Next Level and set up the planet in such a way that it will last us for all time, then we must spread the word far and wide and as quickly as possible.

Read, enjoy, empower yourself and those around you for the future.

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